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A Wonderful Video Mention From Ben Horne

I’ve been trying to get the word out for my print sale the past couple of months, with, honestly, not an awful lot of luck. So the lovely Ben Horne was kind enough to want to mention me at the start of one of his videos this week.

This film community across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook is amazing; so incredibly supportive and encouraging, full of kind hearted and like minded creatives. It’s brilliant to be involved within this community that welcomed me with open arms.

From people like Ben Horne, Nick Mayo, Michael Boorman, Jacob Murphy, Matt Day...the list could go on of wonderful photographers who are incredibly supportive for the community.

I want to say a big thank you to Ben for the mention in his video this week.

And if you haven’t heard of Ben Horne and you’re a photographer, then you really ought to check out his work, it’s truly incredible. Ben is a large format photographer based in the US and there’s something so special about his images and the soul / personality each and every image has, which portrays to the audience.