Exeter based photographer


Life's Obstacles

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post in the TYPify arts festival series. This has been for a few reasons really, as overall, it’s been a bit of a difficult time the past month.

I’ve been meticulously planning out this particular arts festival project for a long while now and have been meaning to start it for the past few months. But with chronic illness, comes unpredictability. This is a huge pain when I’m firstly extremely eager to actually get out there and start work on this photographic project, but second when you have a deadline, it causes an awful lot of anxiety to keep being putting back, with life’s obstacles continuing to have been hitting me in the face the past few months, to prevent me from getting out.

Despite that, I’ve planned to head out tomorrow morning to finally make some headway and kick start this project and body of work. My gear is packed with my Yashica Mat loaded with some Ilford FP4, with extra rolls of that particular film stock and also a roll of Kodak Portra 400 to add a splash of colour to the project.

I look forward to updating the blog after tomorrow’s outing and sharing my progress with you all.