Exeter based photographer


What This Opportunity Means To Me

Me working on photography.jpeg

I’ve been passionate about photography for a long time now, with my love for this particular art form growing more and more as time goes on.

Despite always being fascinated by everything revolving around photography, the past four years my interest has grown hugely and it has evolved into being my main passion in life.

Pursuing my photography as much as I would like to, proves to be somewhat difficult at times, due to my chronic illness and mobility restrictions. I spent around 95% of my time confined to my bed due to severe M.E, the rest of the time, that small 5%, I get hoisted into my electric wheelchair and use those moments as opportunities to seize as much as I can for my photography.

To have been asked to be a part of the TYPify arts festival in Poltimore House in July to exhibit a new project was amazing and a huge honour that they were even interested in my work in the first place.

I’ve had to miss out on various opportunities over the years due to being chronically ill, which certainly takes its toll after a while. So, to have an opportunity I can actually fulfill and to produce a body of work for a project I’ve planned out over the past year, you could certainly say I’m more than happy about it