Exeter based photographer


Why I've Chosen Film And The Yashica Mat For My Arts Festival Project


Choosing the right gear and photographic format for my upcoming project was very important, as of course, I wanted to have the right feel for my images and the project as a whole.

Hence why I chose to shoot film to capture this series of photos. The camera I’m most excited to pick up and use, ever since I first received it as a present for Christmas, is my Yashica Mat TLR. It’s a fantastic medium format camera and with it being a TLR, it has a waist level viewfinder, which makes for such an interesting experience whilst shooting. So of course, I’ve decided to choose the camera that evokes the most photographic inspiration in me.

In regards to choosing to shoot film (a format of photography that I’m extremely passionate about using), I really wanted to capture the story of the project in a certain way and style, giving the photos a particular feeling to them, as in my personal opinion, with film, it seems to evoke more emotion in the viewer, as opposed to digital.

I also truly wanted to slow down with this project and the ten images I’ll be producing. To absolutely savour each and every shot on the roll of film and not take one single shot for granted.


I’ll be shooting a mixture of black and white and colour, using two great film stocks; Ilford FP4 and Kodak Ektar 100. These should both work very well for the subjects in which I’ll be photographing.

I’m very eager to kick start this long awaited and meticulously planned project and to simply produce a body of work that I’m truly proud of to exhibit at the arts festival in July, outside of Exeter.