Exeter based photographer


My 2016 Photography Dreams and Resolutions

After spending the majority of 2015 completely bed bound due to my illness, I have big hopes for 2016. There's so much I've been so incredibly eager to achieve but haven't been able to, so I'm absolutely determined to make this New Year different and make my dreams a reality.

There's so many new exciting plans and projects I have in mind to pursue, I'm keen to get started on it all.

Firstly with film photography; I very much look forward to delving even more into the form, trying new film stocks, different lenses, different cameras and simply experiment as much as possible.

Secondly, I wish to delve further into various aspects of photography and the areas I'm most interested in; music photography, landscapes, portraits and botanicals.

As I continue to build my portfolio I'd love to begin selling some prints and cards of my work, so if anyone is at all interested, I'll be working on putting a range of various prints; mounted, framed, metallic; there's a lot of very cool stuff I have in store and can't wait to put into action.

I'm also extremely interested to begin featuring and reviewing different photography gear and products on my blog, especially more independent companies. I want to try as many different things as I can, discover as much as possible and enjoy new experiences; I'm hoping 2016 will be a great one.