Exeter based photographer


Why I Started 'My Photo Story'

'My Photo Story' is a project I've been working on that's very close to my heart. I've suffered from severe M.E. for the past nine years and as my illness has deteriorated, I've realised even more so how misunderstood and unrecognised this severe illness is. This is exactly why I was so eager to begin this personal photo story. I'm trying to portray the true reality of living with this chronic illness and the light and shade that reflects that. I'd love to be able to increase awareness of M.E. through 'My Photo Story' and it's also of course a great creative outlet for me, so even in the most difficult moments I can use photography to help me cope better with the situation.

In 2016 I really wish to continue with 'My Photo Story' and eventually create a photo book where I can then begin to raise money for my favourite M.E. charities through that and try to help those in positions similar to mine and raise as much awareness as possible.